March 2024 Core Updates Unleashed by Google’s for Search Quality Enhancements

Google is all set to unleash the good news for the content viewers in terms of providing the most updated and helpful content with almost 40% downsizing in irrelevant content providing within any search. The entire idea is to improvise the quality of content search results, core ranking system with the new core update and a whole new list of spam updates through automated algorithms and associated manual actions in March 2024 core update.  


What to expect from the March 2024 core update? 

Definitely, this Google roll out is going to be bigger and even better than its previous versions. Introduced as the first core update of Google this year, it promises to reduce the unwanted content suggestions by almost 40% during any search, as was announced by Elizabeth Tucker, Director of Product, and Search at Google. 

  • To quote her, she wrote, “We expect that the combination of this update and our previous efforts will collectively reduce low-quality, unoriginal content in search results by 40%.” 
  • The updates and their release should take almost this month as multiple systems are supposed to get their updates and release in the due course. 
  • Unlike its previous versions of core updates, this one promises multiple enhancements to different components of the overall core system. With multiple updates on the list, it should be noted that Google might push this unleash of updates through the coming weeks of March.
  • As per quotes from the Team Google, Chris Nelson, Search Quality team, wrote, “The March 2024 core update is more complex update than our usual core updates, changes to multiple core systems.” 
  • Google aims at enhancing its core ranking systems for delivering better and helpful results for the viewer by adding various innovative signals and approaches to their strategy, this time. 

Glance into the previous launches from core update

Year Launch Ending
November 2023 core update  November 2nd November 28th 
October 2023 core update  October 5th  October 19th 
August 2023 core update  August 22nd September 7th 
March 2023 core update  March 15th  March 28th 
September 2022 broad core update Month beginning Sept 26
May 2022 core update Significant & fast
November 2021 core update
July 2021 core update 
June 2021 core update was slow to roll out but a big one

Things to know about the new March core updates

Under the March 2024 core update, Google isn’t going to announce any new helpful content updates and this will be incorporated into the upcoming core update system, itself. The March 2024 update will be including the classifier for the helpful content system mechanism under its new update. 

March update 2024 Spam updates

The March 2024 spam update calls for an associated release of new spam updates, along with the new spam policy updates. Two of which will offering better automated and manual actions with this week’s release. However the update on the site reputation abuse spam will follow later on May 5.

Scaled content abuse search spam in the March update

This one comes as an amplified update to the old “spammy automatically-generated content” policy that offers inclusive methods of producing high ranking content at scale during a search.

It is expected that Google is all set to begin actions against the scaled content abuse via algorithmic spam systems and manual actions from this week.

Expired domain abuse turned into spam with the March update

“Expired domain abuse” will now be considered as spam, as per Google professionals. So, that no one can further use the technique to trick the users suggesting new content availability on the old site. Thus, content creators should forbid from buying expired domains. 

Site reputation abuse (aka Parasite SEO) will be spammed too under the March update

Under the March 2024 core update, Google updates are coming with a new policy for “site reputation abuse.” Under this, SEOs are even calling it as “Parasite SEO.” This might cause an inappropriate ranking system and also confuse the visitors with misleading expectations. Thus, this will also be categorized under spam. 

What’s the concern with the March 2024 core updates?

According to some recent studies, there has been a 10% accuracy decline in the search results provided by Google in comparison to the previous years. With numerous incoming complaints, it has been noted that Google ranked bigger websites over smaller ones, too. Which is why the Google search was getting worse and this is where Reddit started dominating the search results of Google. 

The upcoming Google core updates in March 2024 is the step ahead to bring back the charm with amplified results by reducing unwanted content during the searches via useful and strategized algorithms. To buckle up with this search quality crisis on Google, Google is all set to roll down some relatively bigger and better announcements in terms of core upgrades and search amplifications, too. Google will soon post the upcoming status on its updates on its Search Status Dashboard and we shall bring the news to you at the earliest. 


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